How do we prepare for a Boudoir Portrait session?

The first place to start is with a phone call to the studio. It is imperative that the photographer and the client build a mutual trust and rapport. A visit to the studio is a good idea, too, although busy schedules often make that difficult.

Here are a few questions and answers to help you along on this journey.

Is it normal to be nervous?
Of course! Everyone is and, equally, everyone relaxes after seeing the first awesome preview.
Can I bring someone with me? Having a friend accompany you to lend a hand or just to be there is always a good idea. We encourage it. In fact, we put them to work as a sort of photographers assistant!

What about my …flaws?
Even the super models have them, and just like them, you will have the benefit of a professional digital artist to make sure that your portraits are awesome!

Do I have to make up poses or have specific ideas on what I want?
No, absolutely not! As a professional photographer for 24 years, I am an expert at posing any body type into the best, most pleasing form. We will discuss who the portraits are for, their general likes and dislikes and create more than enough portraits to please you and your special person.

Are we limited to a studio setting?
No. The world is our oyster. Well, almost! If you have a special place, perhaps at home, a lake retreat, a rental cabin, a luxurious hotel suite or the great outdoors, we have the equipment and ability to create beautiful photography anywhere.

Do I need to bring outfits and props?
While I have plenty of props, special items are always a plus. As for clothes, please bring your own. A husband or boyfriend’s thoughtful gift of lingerie, his work shirt or dress shirt and tie, or his favorite sports team jersey is usually the best outfit for a boudoir portrait.

Do I need an expensive hair and makeup person to ensure I look good?
No. Have your hair done in a style you like prior to the appointed session time and wear “everyday” makeup. Our digital artist will do the rest!

How will I view my images and who has access to them?
You may view your images immediately after the session. They will, of course, be un-retouched. You may then view them a couple of days later with some retouching or see them online on our password protected proofing site. You will be the only person to view or be able to purchase any of your images.

Do you have any restrictions on what you will photograph? Definitely!
Clients must be 18 years old or older. We do not photograph any thing that might be construed as pornographic.
Any last bit of advice? Relax and have fun! We keep the atmosphere light and the pace brisk. We will show you images as they are created to reassure you that you are looking good!