Boudoir Sessons

Your Boudoir Portrait Session

The boudoir portrait is often done for a special someone to mark a special occasion, such as a wedding gift or as a gift for birthdays, Valentines Day or an anniversary. More and more, women are doing Boudoir sessions for themselves. Your self-esteem and sense of empowerment will never be higher than when you first view your beautifully crafted intimate images.

Boudoir photography is a niche that encompasses a wide range of styles of photography… as in many flavors at the ice cream parlor. Like the ice cream parlor, there is usually a flavor for just about anyone! Boudoir can mean glamorous makeup and lighting and a seductive glance. It can mean lingerie with a bit more sensuality. It can also be “implied” nudity, maybe hiding a large amount of the female form in shadow. Of course, it can also BE nudity. In any case, boudoir photography can be flavored with romance, sexiness, or just fun!

As your photographer, my job is to discern your desires and to transform them into a visual record. I must do that job diplomatically, with taste and artistic vision.